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IArunima is the founder and artistic director of UKs largest KUCHIPUDI dance company - Arunima Kumar Dance company (AKDC) in London and in Delhi and several students worldwide who perform widely with the company.


AKDC aims to create exemplary performances in the field of Indian arts and culture. Her students recently performed Kuchipudi at YUVA , at Alchemy festival 2015. Her students have also been slected to perform at Dance showdown , Arunima Kumar ARUNIMAKUMAR.COM Arunima Kumar 2015 2015, EPIC CIC largest dance competition for children at Cadogan Hall . The key focus areas of the company are artist development and performances through training of aspiring dancers across America, India and Europe through one on one classes, residencies and Skype classes . All of her students are trained in the traditional integrative approach and also scientific training and encouraged to perform to develop confidence , good technique and better health.


As part of this, AKDC institutions are a part of Ministry of External Affairs India International scholarship program. The company also works towards creating knowledge based collaterals – including literary works through a strong and innovative curriculum to be used in schools and dance institutions. AKDC also does solo and group workshops across dance genres - Classical ,Bollywood , Zumba in schools, colleges , hospitals , old age homes . Cultural awareness through workshops such as Diwali, Holi , Rakhee are also extremely popular among children and families. her recent Diwali workshop received appreciation from RBKC, London Mayor and Lord Bilimoria and Lady Kishwar Desai. AKDC students convey that they learn more than what they come looking for - art, expression , music, stage, lighting and costume... they learn life skills.

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