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ARTH Foundation

ARTH in Hindi language means ' fulfilment of purpose' .The foundation aims to create  artistic projects with social themes to affect the audiences with a sense of purpose.

Arunima provides free dance training and dance therapy sessions to underprivileged children through its programs - Jingle, Jhankaar run by its foundation arm ARTH . An integral focus of her company is to work with women, women related issues and women inmates in prisons to provide dance therapy, dance vocation training and workshops. This has tremendous positive effects on women and their families , especially high risk cases. Arunima has worked with women in Tihar jail. Asia’s largest prison and done path breaking work in bringing selected inmates whom she trained , to perform at mainstream art platforms like Habitat Center, Delhi in December 2012. ARTH has also created dance therapy programs for hospitals in London (eg Chelsea and Westminster) , drug rehabilitation centres in London (Orpington) and India and old age homes in London (Hounslow and Camden) . A special program was also conducted for 20 orphaned children affected by Tsunami in India. She works closely worth EPIC CIC to deliver workshops for the community and youth groups in Kensington and Chelsea, London. 

PRALAYA - depicts the circle of life from innocence to materiality to moksha

Mera Bhi Adhikaar Hai- a production for children charity CRY  performed by young students of the company


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