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1000 + performances in 50 countries

Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

― Martha Graham

Award winning Arunima Kumar Dance Company(AKDC) , UK's largest Kuchipudi institution and leading South Asian dance company focusing on promoting Kuchipudi and the best of Indian classical dance , music, art and culture to global audiences.


Latest News

Arunima performs at Buckingham Palace Feb 2017

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II had an impromptu lesson in Indian dance mudras, or hand gestures, when the 90-year-old monarch met celebrated dancer and choreographer Arunima Kumar at Buckingham Palace here. 

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AKDC performs for PM MODI and HRH Prince Charles at Science Museum

April 2018

Arunima choreographed and performed 'Jyotirmay Bharat' with her company at the historic event at Science museum for PM Modi and HRH Prince Charles ,produced by Akademi. Artistic direction Shivani Sethia and Bhagya Lakshmi


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